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XOllOX Games is a new publisher for challenging and enjoyable board games that was established in 2019.
Several games are in the queue of being published with the first one being The FOG – Escape from Paradise. It will be a Kickstarter in 2020.

XOIIOX Games sucessfully presented its first game The FOG at the trade show SPIEL 19 in Essen. Thank you to everyone for coming by our booth, all the playtesting, discussions and positive feedback. We were overwhelmed. We will now work on making The FOG a successful Kickstarter in 2020.

The things we were most impressed about:

  • People stopping and playing a prototype because they liked the story or even coming by on recommendation
  • Players finishing their games even though they had other appointments
  • Players liking the quick game start and then later realizing the deeper then expected game depth

The FOG is a new competitive, challenging and thrilling game with 40 to 90 minutes playing time for 1 to 6 players who decide about the fate of villagers of a lonely beautiful island – who are trying in sheer panic to still reach their boats at the beach to escape the mysterious and rapidly approaching dangerous FOG. The game combines tactical depth with high replayability through the islanders different movement options and a very variable setup mechanism.

You are playing several self-drafted fleeing islanders, coordinating their struggle on their difficult path towards the rescuing boats – trying to save as many of them as you can. Each turn you use the available movement points for the various movement options to move your islanders towards the rescuing boats.
So choose your islanders wisely and move them more effective and anticipatory then your fellow players. But beware, time is not your ally. As the FOG is continuously rushing forward, swallowing everything and everyone in its path, you only have limited time to complete your move.
While the beach is packed and everyone is in pure panic, will you stay calm and assure that your islanders reach their boats before the FOG swallows them?

When the FOG reaches the shore the boats will depart and each player will receive or loose rescuing points for their achievements. Then it will be known who collected the most rescuing points and wins against The FOG and the fellow players.

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Well, here is the first interpretation of what is happening on the island because of The FOG. It is set in a historical setting and was painted by my friend Uli. Thank you!!

I am always amazed how anyone can create something like this out of nothing. It will always be a miracle to me.

If you want to paint a picture of The FOG and have it on this website please do so. I gladly will put it up here as long as it is legal, in good manner and fits somehow to the story.

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