What happened so far (Milestones)

This is a short summary of the most important milestones along the way designing The FOG and creatinig a new business: May 17 - I started creating my first board game "The Round Market"Nov 17 - First playtesting with friends. They liked it but were not thrilledMay 18 - Playtesting…

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Restart, Path to Kickstarter

After the posts written last October and November I have realized that it was to early for me to start blogging and therefore took a timeout. No it is time to start again - and I will write continuously about the The Path to Kickstarter for my first game The…

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First One

Hello ! Finally. My first own game developed. What a wonderful feeling. And now my first own website in Wordpress. Great. It was sweat and tears - and a lot of help from friends and others. Thank you!! Right now I am just happy. But the first trade show is…

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