How did I become a board game player

For me playing started very early. When I was still very young we played often 4 very small games as a family of 4 in the evening. You received 1 to 4 points in each game depending on your rank. The one with the highest overall score won. It was pure fun. Well mostly. One at the table could just not stand to lose. But nevertheless we all enjoyed it.

My brother and me then got the first board games for kids, we learned canaster and then Monopoly (the first game for grown ups – yippie). And we played it like grown ups. Day in, day out. Sometimes with up to 1 Mio. debt and some special house rules. More and more games came up (the game of life, risk, etc.) and we just enjoyed playing them. Over and over again.

Someday I also got in touch with more intense and complex games. Wowhh. That was something. Games like Civilization, Diplomacy and Junta opened a new dimension – in fun, complexity and duration. They were great. But also not games we could play every day (even though we might have liked to). So there was something missing in our lives.

And then came 1995. The settlers of Catar was released. And it was a life-changer for me, us as it was for so many. A game with enough complexity, lots of fun and a duration that would fit on any evening. Just the dices and the luck I could have done without. 🙂 Man, have we played that game and had we fun.

From there it was an easy way. More and more games of that category came along. First slowly, then more often. New ideas and mechanism came to life. Unbelievable the diversity. And ever since there is Kickstarter it is not a question any more which game will be out next but which of all the games shall I go for.

And some day we decided why not to create our own board game. But that is another story to be told…

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