Restart, Path to Kickstarter

After the posts written last October and November I have realized that it was to early for me to start blogging and therefore took a timeout. No it is time to start again – and I will write continuously about the The Path to Kickstarter for my first game The FOG – experiences, ups and downs, thoughts or anything else relevant.

I actually thought a lot about writing my own blog – from designing to marketing my game. I always thought it would be just great to share my experiences (positive and negative once) with whoever is interested in it (just out of curiosity or because of planning a similar path to go) and thereby getting in touch and discussion with others along the way.
On the other hand I am only one person doing most of the things necessary (even though I certainly have great friends that help wherever they can and I have outsourced topics like illustration etc.). Everything adds up to quite a lot to get the project ahead I can assure you, while I have to earn my living at the same time – which also does take its time.
Thats also why I took a break after a few posts with my website-blog last October. So I simply was not quite sure if I can really handle a blog on top of everything else – to get the game and the business ready (including website and Facebook) – but I have thought a lot about it and waited since November until I feel that the time is right and now I am sure its manageable, so I decided to start with the blog now and
share my experience and thoughts with all of you.

So this post today is therefore just the kickoff to my blog.

Thank you for reading and your interest!

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