How to Play

The game runs through 4 phases, each done exactly one time:    1. Setup   2. Selection (Drafting)   3. Movement   4. Scoring


Place Obstacles

1. Decide on the beach size (duration). In the examples it is the small one.

2. Obstacles (left):
Place the obstacles randomly on the beach rows according to the stated amount.

3. Islanders (right):
Place the islanders randomly on the beach rows according to the stated amount. 

Each islander is of one boats origin (color) and is of one type (chief, elders, sailors, warriors, members). The type defines the available boat spots.

Place Islanders

SELECTION (Drafting)

Select/Draft Islander

All players select – one by one in playing order – one (not taken) islander they want to play, by putting their player disc below  – until all islanders are taken.

After SELECTION (Drafting)


Move Islander

Each player has 7 movement points in their turn to move their islanders.

There are several movements available (run, swap places, push, squeeze through, jump, cross) to move their islanders towards the boats. Each of these movements needs a certain amount of movement points.
In addition each islander is very good in one of these movements or has a special characteristic (all-rounder or endurance) they can use at reduced costs – displayed on the bottom of each islander chip.

After every player had their turn The FOG (marker) moves closer and it is checked whether any islanders are lost to The FOG. These islanders are turned over and are out of the game.

For details of the possible movements please see further below on this page !

The FOG moves closer


The game ends once The FOG reaches the shore and the boats depart.

The players receive positive or negative rescue points in different scoring categories (islanders in a boat, islanders in their tribes boat, lost islanders to the FOG and bonus points for being first in a boat).
The player with the most rescue points wins the game against The FOG and the fellow players.


Swap Places
Push Islanders
Squeeze Through
Jump over Islander
Cross Obstacle