Main Story

Zanay, the beautiful and lonely island in the Great Ocean and the home of many nations including the Wolxar, Abxaru, Tazul’u and Redyii has been threatened for weeks now by a mysterious giant dark wall of FOG. At first it was only visible far on the horizon, but one day the FOG reached their home. Bit by bit it crawled over the island. What is in or behind the FOG is unknown. Nobody that ever went into the FOG – courageous warriors, wise elders and others – or who got “swallowed” by it, ever came back.

Except for the last village Zuarell on the east coast at the Xappalo Bay the whole island has now been swallowed by the FOG. All nations have rushed to build boats in the bay over the last weeks, in an attempt to try and escape the FOG. Their only hope is an ancient tale, which over generations and centuries has been passed on – about their original home Yamagi, the magic land. It is supposed to lie somewhere very far to the east.

They thought they had at least another two or three days to embark. But suddenly the FOG gets faster and faster and everyone – leaders, elders, sailors, warriors and commoners – just start running in pure panic with no regard for the others, to try and reach the boats somehow before the FOG reaches them.

Can you help Roxira, Dayark, Tumroq, Loxior and all the others?
Hopefully as many of them as possible will be saved. It all depends on you …

Roxira (Commoner)

Roxira arrived in Zuarell a few days ago together with her parents and brothers and sisters, after the FOG had driven them out of their home Londaryn over 2 weeks ago. The difficult journey into the unknown took them 10 days and they always saw and felt this huge, terrifying, and sinister FOG behind them on the horizon – as far as the eye can see. Once they had arrived in Zuarell they found accommodations in one of the many makeshift and overcrowded camps established and prepared for the great crossing.

She is just getting last provisions for the great crossing when suddenly great fear arises because the FOG is speeding up and people start running in pure panic towards the boats on the beach. In shock she dropped her basket and starts running as well and now she hopes desperately that her parents and brothers and sisters are also on their way and that they all will reach the boats in time. Suddenly she sees the packed beach ahead of her and gets even more desperate…

Dayark (Sailor)

Dayark just thought about how strange everything currently is. Until 3 weeks ago he was a simple tanner and fisher in a small town close to Zuarell, where he spent all his past life. But then The FOG came, and nothing is anymore like it used to be. In all their despair the leaders decided to build boats in Zuarell for the great crossing. For that they were looking for sailors and he volunteered for it right away. For over 2 weeks now he trained daily for nothing else, while the boats were being build and equipped.

Now, while collecting driftwood on the beach, he suddenly startled by the loud and almost panic screaming from Zuarell. When looking over there he saw a large crowd of people running towards himself … and in the back he saw the FOG that seemed to speed up. Fear seized him, but he also knew what he had to do. He dropped the driftwood and ran as fast as he could towards the boats. He knew he is one of the few closer to the boats and that he needed to get one of the ships ready to sail for them to have a chance to escape.

Tumroq (Warrior)

Tumroq is lying on one of the makeshift plank beds in the stables. This morning he finally arrived with the other warriors here in Zuarell – after 2 difficult weeks in which they tried to get all those desperate people safe and quickly from their beautiful hilly home Hexlvur to Zuarell. For that they not only had to maintain order along the long pathway, but they also needed to guarantee the safety because there were some that tried to use the current situation for their advantage. But most of all they had to hunt a lot to organize food for all those people on the way. And all that time The FOG was not far behind them. But they were finally here and he just received an instruction. And now he could finally get some rest …

Suddenly he startled by the blowing of the horn and the panic screams. He jumps up from the plank bed, grabs his weapon and runs outside. And there he sees him … the omnipresent FOG. But he seems to be much closer then expected and also much faster than over the last weeks – and even more threatening. He gets terror-stricken. He thinks for a moment if there is a chance to reach the others of his group while he hastily fastens his weapon. But he realizes quickly that he only has a chance at all if he starts running at once because he needs to pass Zuarell completely and also pass the beach before he reaches the boats. And he does not even now the exact way and where the boat of his nation is. He starts running as fast as he can …

Loxior (Eldest)

Loxior is sitting together with others on a small elevation with clear view of the beach and all those many new build boats, which now represent their last hope. When they first saw the FOG on the horizon just a few weeks ago he would have never imagined that it ever would come to this. But they had tried everything possible to explore and understand the FOG – without any success. They tried to sail around it to the north and south, but the FOG seemed to be endlessly. Volunteers even went into the FOG to explore it – but not even one ever came back. At some point they finally accepted the fact that apparently nothing and nobody could stop the FOG and therefore decided eventually with a heavy heart to leave their home.

Whilst sitting together and discussing how to approach the great crossing best suddenly the face of his friend Ixarym petrifies. Almost simultaneously he hears the first screams from Zuarell. As he turns, he sees the FOG on the horizon – but it appears to be significant faster than usual. He and the others are stunned from the sight. Loxior reaches hastily for the documents and shouts out to the others: “Quick, to the boats!”. And then he and the others already start running as fast as possible. But they need to run back part of the way towards the FOG to reach the bridge over the river which takes them to the beach. Loxior hopes that they all will make it because he realizes quickly that they have a difficult path ahead of them towards the boats – with all the rocks and bushes on their side of the beach.

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