The FOG – Team & Backers

To design a game or even to produce a few prototypes and have them playtested is one thing. To bring a game to life on Kickstarter with all its necessities like design, art, marketing, networking, videos, production, fulfillment, finance, legal, etc. is another. You do need a team of passionate and experienced people to do so successfully. And you need people that support you in times of need.
That said, I would like to introduce you to the team that is behind The FOG and will make the Kickstarter a reality.
I was very lucky to have found such great, professional and determined guys to bring The FOG to life. And it is simply fun to work with any one of them.
And I am very happy to have such great friends & family behind me that support me in any way they can whenever I need help.

The other half of the Team are the Backers, Supporters, Playtesters and Players who helped The FOG come to life. Without them this game would never have become a reality. I herewith want to thank everyone especially from the bottom of my heart for it!


Robert Müller-Reinwarth

Game Design, Publishing

I learned how to play and to love board games already when being still very young. Small games became bigger once, short games became longer, friends took the places of the parents and of an initial pleasure became over time a deep passion: Today I have a nice collection of games and great playgroups and friends. I prefer games that are not mainly based on luck.

3 years ago I began to develop The FOG and with that also started a huge adventure. Since then I have been not only game designer but also playtester, networker, responsible for marketing and IT, buyer, finance manager and so many more. For that I have founded a small business (XOLLOX Games) to do the Kickstarter with.

If you would like to get in touch with me you can do so at . I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Unique Litani Soparie


Unique is an Indonesian-based artist specialized in 2D art and illustration. His graduation from an art institute in 2007, majoring ceramic art and craft, was also the beginning of his creative career. Working for a French-based mobile game design company made him realized his true passion. Therefore in 2013 he started his professional journey as a freelance illustrator. His interest towards fantasy genre has a lot of impact to his art style & theme. He was involved in several projects such as Nations, Deadlands, Lankhmar and TORG. His latest project was Shiver Me Timbers where I met him.

If you want to get in touch with Unique you can reach him at . Details on his work you will find here.

Instagram          Artstation          Deviantart

Karsten Schulmann

Graphic Design, Videos

Karsten is responsible for everything that has to do with graphic design and video production.

He’s an avid gamer since childhood and played everything from video to roleplaying and board games over the last three decades. He loves the high degree of immersion that games can achieve.

Professionally he works as a freelance art director and media designer (web, print, video) with profound experiences in the board game industry. He also translated board games (English to German) and published his first game “Movie Empire” successfully in 2019. Some board game titles he worked on are “Human Punishment – The Beginning”, “Glen More II: Chronicles”, “Solomon Kane” and “Arkham Horror: The Card game”.

His website is If you want to get in touch with Karsten write him at .

Daily Support (in so many different ways)

These are the heros in the back that have given live saving support for the game and myself over the last 3 years. Family and Friends that helped with moral support, game design optimisation, playtesting, illustration discussions and so many other things that I just cannot name them all.
The game would not be what it is without you. Thank you so much!