Prototype FAQ

Latest Rule-Changes

  1. 04.09.2020
    : The cost for the movement JUMP OVER (an islander) is adjusted. It is now 3 movement points (instead of 4) for everyone to jump. The cost (2) for the islanders with the icon stays the same.
    Reason: It is almost always better to (1) SWAP PLACES and then (2) RUN for the same 4 MOVEMENT POINTS.
    Impact: This affects the ALL-ROUNDER that now only has 2 improved moves and a couple of expansion cards (which is self explaning)

  2. 08.10.2020
    : The FOG Marker starting position of the small board for the 2/3/4-player setup changes by +1 (2-player = 1, 3-player = 2, 4-player = 1)
    Reason: The FOG came to hard and quickly without enough time (2/3 rounds) to actually react to it. Also it was a bit unbalanced for the starting player.
    Impact: The pressure stays strong, nevertheless the extreme pressure in the first 2 rounds easey up slightly. Evens out things for the starting player.

  3. 08.10.2020

    Change: The Turn Order of the Selection phase changes. Starting with the last player on the Turn Board it is played alternating up and down.
                    Example 3-player: Last > Middle > First > First > Middle > Last > Last > …
    Reason: It was a bit unbalanced for the starting player which was more difficult to play in the first 2-3 rounds.
    Impact: The starting player is now balanced better and everything is evened out between the player positions.