E s c a p e   f r o m   P a r a d i s e

The FOG is taking their island.
They have to reach their boats.
It‘s their last chance for survival.
Can you help save them?

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The FOG is a new competitive, challenging and thrilling game with 40 to 90 minutes playing time for 1 to 6 players who decide about the fate of villagers of a lonely beautiful island – who are trying in sheer panic to reach their boats at the beach to escape the mysterious and rapidly approaching dangerous FOG.

You play several self-drafted fleeing islanders, coordinating their struggle on their difficult path towards the rescuing boats – trying to save as many of them as possible. While the beach is packed and everyone is in pure panic, will you stay calm and assure that your islanders reach their boats before the FOG reaches them?
The game combines tactical depth with high replayability through the islanders miscellaneous movement options and a very variable setup mechanism.


Zerados, the beautiful and only island in the Great Ocean and the home of many tribes like the Xamas, Yamati, Yadelos and Xondos has been threatened for weeks now by a mysterious giant dark wall of FOG. At first only far on the horizon to see, the FOG one day reached their home. Bit by bit it crawled over the island. What is in or behind The FOG is unknown. Nobody that ever went into The FOG – courageous warriors, wise elders and others – or who got “swallowed” by it, ever came back.

Except for one last village on the east coast by the Xappalos Bay the whole island has now been swallowed by The FOG. All tribes have built hastily boats in this bay in the last weeks, to hopefully still escape the FOG. Their only hope is an ancient tale, which over generations and centuries has been passed on – their original home Yamagi, the magic land. Somewhere very far to the east it is supposed to lie.

They thought they had at least another two or three days in which they could embark organized. But suddenly The FOG gets faster and faster and everyone – chiefs, elders, sailors, warriors and the tribal members – just start running in pure panic and regardless of others, to hopefully reach the boats somehow and set sails before the FOG reaches them.

Hopefully as many of them as possible can be saved. It is on you …

Can you help Yara, Xug, Jassiva, Phelmus, Tiri and their families and friends as well as all the other tribe members to reach the rescuing boats before The FOG reaches them? Can you make the difference and save them?


The game is playable by 1 to 6 players from age 10 on with a playing time of 40 to 90 minutes.
The game can be played in single competition, team competition or solo mode.

There are two board sizes available. The smaller one with 32 islander and 15 obstacles is for 1-4 players and a shorter playing time while the larger one with 60 islander and 28 obstacles is for 1-6 players.

The game has a very variable setup because all islanders and obstacles are placed every time randomly on the board in the setup phase. Therefore a strategy that worked well one time might not work the next time.

The game can be played with or without an hourglass (standard is without). Using the hourglass is surely more stressful, but it certainly also gives a much more realistic and thrilling feeling concerning the rapidly approaching dark and mystrious FOG and the panic of the fleeing islanders.

When playing in solo mode the aim is to achieve as many rescue points as passible on a given setup which then determins your rescuer level.

Game runthrough in Pictures

Game End & SCORING

How to Play

SETUP: After deciding whether to play the larger or smaller board, the board is setup by placing islanders and obstacles – according to the predefined amount – for each beach row randomly on the board.

The game itself consists of 2 phases. SELECTION and MOVEMENT.

SELECTION (Drafting): In this phase all players select – one by one – any one islanders on the board that they want to play, by putting their player disc below the according islander chip. This is repeated until all islanders are taken.

MOVEMENT: In this phase each player has 7 movement points in his turn to use on any number of his islanders. There are different islander tribes which define to which boat they generally belong to. There are also different types of islanders (chief, elders, sailors, warriors, members) which defines the spot within a boat they need to take.
There are also different movements available to move your islanders towards the boats (running, swapping places, pushing others away, squeeze through islanders and/or obstacles, jump over islanders or cross obstacles). Each of these movements needs a certain amount of movement points. In addition each islander is very good in one of these movements  or has a special characteristic (all-rounder or endurance). All those are displayed on the bottom of each islander chip.
Once every player has done their turn The FOG will move closer and it is checked whether any islanders have been swallowed by The FOG. These islanders are then turned over and are out of the game.
The game ends once The FOG reaches the shore and the boats depart in a hurry.

SCORING: The players receive rescue points for their islanders that reached the boat, even more if they reached their tribes boat and additional ones if they were the first to reach the boat to prepare the departure. But each player also looses rescue points for each islander lost to The FOG or for not getting any islanders to a boat. The player with the most rescue points will win the game against The FOG and the fellow players.

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