What happened so far (Milestones)

This is a short summary of the most important milestones along the way designing The FOG and creatinig a new business:

May 17 – I started creating my first board game “The Round Market”
Nov 17 – First playtesting with friends. They liked it but were not thrilled
May 18 – Playtesting of newest version. The game was now overengineered. But many ideas of how to optimize/streamline it
May 18 – Same playtesting day. First draft of another game “The FOG”. Friends were thrilled and wanted more.
May 18 – Tough and painful decision. The first game “The Round Market” is shelfed and the “The FOG” is now the one go for
May 18 – Jul 19 – Designing in many many loops, designing – playtesting by myself or with friends – improving – designing
Sep 18 – First public presentation of The FOG at “Jena Spielt”
Jan 19 – Signing up for the trade show SPIEL 19 in Essen (started out as a joke)
Apr 19 – First 5 prototypes are ready and handed out to friends for thorough testing
Jun 19 – Registered my first own business followed by creating the brand “XOllOX Games”
Aug 19 – Securing the websites xollox.com and xollox.de and starting to create the website
Sep/Oct 19 – Preparing the SPIEL 19 (team, prototype, marketing and many more)
Oct 19 – SPIEL 19 – just exhausting but a great time with friends (they helped with everything); it was a great success concerning the feedback (clear Go to continue to crowdfunding)
Nov/Dec 19 – Improving game with all the feedback received from the SPIEL and playtesting
Jan 20 – After looking for 8 month I finally found someone for the illustration. What a relieve
Jan 20 – XOllOX and The FOG are now listed on BGG. Unbelievable! A Dream?
Jan/Feb 20 – Finalizing rulebook version 1, preparing of new prototypes and Tabletopia online version
Mar 20 – Restarting this Blog

Thank you for reading and your interest!

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