What’s Next (Road to Kickstarter)

Well, many have asked me what comes next after the SPIEL 19 show, so I will try to answer this question.

I went to the SPIEL to see if The FOG has the potential to be a Kickstarter (a crowdfunding platform). I was overwhelmed from the positive feedback, so I think the answer is a definitive yes. I will try to make a Kickstarter out of the game. I will try to start the Kickstarter at the end of March, but it is a very tight schedule, so it might be 1 to 3 month later (one of the biggest mistakes you can do with a Kickstarter is to start it to early !!)

So what do I need to do until then. Generally it can be divided into the following groups.

  1. Optimize, test and finish the game

    I received lots of great input during the SPIEL on issues how to improve the game (visual things on the board, e.g. a counter tile for the 7 movement points, and many more. I have already started implementing them. Since I am not very good with graphics it does take quite some time to get everything right. 🙂
    After I am done with that and the game stands I will update and improve the German manual and create/finish the English one.

    I also will create new prototypes to send to other players who are willing to playtest the game (by the manual).Hardest thing here is to get more of the 3D-printed colored player disks. I will see if I can find an affordable producer that produces some for me in small numbers.

    A friend has set up an online version of the game (even though not the best way to play it, but better than no online version at all) which I just have to find the time to finalize with him (since he lives in Berlin).
    I also will try to create a print-and-play version if I can find the time for that (not easy to be honest). 

  2. Get support

    I need to build a team for the time up to, during and after the Kickstarter. People that support me with the process, networking/campaigning, graphic design/illustration, the Kickstarter and much more. For me this is one of the hardest tasks since I do not have a big network within the board game community.  Therefore I will be looking now in forums, blogs and other information to look for the right people. I also ask friends for anyone they know. And maybe someone will read this and sends me suggestions as well. 🙂

  3. Create graphic for the game, website, facebook etc.

    That is a tough one. The game needs an illustration, which needs to fit somehow to my ideas in my head, to the game theme with the dark dangerous Fog and the panicking fleeing villagers on a paradise island and certainly also to potential players from about 10 to 99 years.
    In addition I need a graphic designer that creates the board, tokens, manual, player aid, Web/Facebook/Marketing/Kickstarter-banners etc. out of those illustration. This can be one and the same person, but does not have to.
    I have been looking already for 3 month and have not found anyone yet for the illustration but just got new ideas from someone on where to look. So hopefully I will find someone soon!
    But with what I have at least I am currently updating the website! 
  4. Calculation / Production, Shipping and Fulfillment preparation

    I need to start calculating the game. How much does one game cost and what will be the price I have to set for the Kickstarter campaign.
    For that I also need to know the production cost of a game. So as soon as I know which parts I exactly need for the game I will asks for quotes by 2 to 3 manufacturers. Currently I am planning with Panda and Gameland (LudoFact which I was interested in does not care for me or my game. They showed me that twice. But that is another story). In addition I need shipping and fulfillment so the games reach the backers on Kickstarter. There are different options for that, which I now have to look into.
  5. Networking / Campaigning

    That is pretty much the hardest but most important one of all. The game can be perfect, the price sensational and still no one will buy/sign up for mine/someones game if they do not know about the game and the Kickstarter campaign.
    Since this is my first game and first Kickstarter I am quite “worried” about this part, since I do not have a blueprint on how to do this. What is the best way, who are the best people to talk to for supporting the game, how to increase the network etc.
    Certainly friends/family or anyone playing and liking the game play a big part in spreading the word. In addition I will be active on Board Game Geek (BGG), Facebook and maybe other social platforms, maybe go to Board game events if available.

    If anyone has ideas or knowledge on how to do this best or knows anyone that can help, please let me know !!!  I certainly appreciate any help I can get.

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