Dive into this fantasy adventure and show your true potential as Guardian

A terrifiying perilous FOG

An epic race for survival

Can you save your islanders?

The FOG is a competitive board game with tactical depth, enthralling interactive dynamics, a unique mechanism and 45-120 minutes playing time.
1-6 players become guardians and race with their entrusted islanders against the quickly approaching FOG to reach their boats ashore in hope for survival. To succeed you cannot be to considerately to anyone else whilst running, pushing, jumping, crossing, squeezing or swapping.
The game includes mechanism like drafting, racing, movement points/selection and is played on a hex grid of a beautiful island beach in a fantasy world.

Thoroughly playtested !

Control the fate of the fleeing islanders and act quickly and wisely to rescue them


Commoner Roxira

Sailor Dayark

Warrior Tumroq

Eldest Loxior

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Discover the best paths for your Islanders to reach the rescuing boats

The Board (Prototype)

Master the different obstacles ahead of the Islanders entrusted to you

How to Play


Place the obstacles and islanders randomly on the beach

Draft Islanders
(Phase 1)

Each of you selects one by one the islanders on the beach by putting your player disc below – until all islanders are taken.

Move Islanders
(Phase 2)

You play in rounds, in which each of you has 1 turn. In your turn you have 7 movement points available to move your islanders towards the boats – via Run, Swap, Push, Jump, Cross and Squeeze.

The FOG advances
(Phase 2)

After each round the FOG advances and you check whether any islanders have been taken by The FOG. Islanders lost to The FOG cannot be played any more.

The game ends once The FOG reaches the shore and the boats depart. You receive positive or negative rescue points in 4 scoring categories.

Guide your Islanders to safety and become a legendary Guardian

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Enjoy an enthralling time – together with friends or by yourself playing solo