Roxira (Commoner)

Today I would like to introduce Roxira to you. There willl be one illustration for each of the 5 different Islander types in the game and Roxira represents the Commoner.

Unique did a beautiful piece there with the flying hair, the great colors and the turning eyes in fear. You will find some pictures of the character development at the bottom.

But first. Here is the short story about Roxira!

Roxira arrived in Zuarell 10 days ago together with her parents, after the FOG had driven them out of their home Londaryn. She was just getting last provisions for the great crossing when suddenly great fear came up because of the FOGs speeding up and people started running in pure panic towards the boats on the beach.

With shock she dropped her basket and started running as well and now hopes desperately that her parents are also on their way and that they all will reach the boats in time. Suddenly she sees the packed beach directly ahead of her and gets even more desperate…

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