After Unique and I generally agreed that we will work together I have sent him first of all a document to explain to him the most important information about the game and the FOG-universe. First the explanation of the game and the game pieces (including measurement etc.) and what he shall illustrate and what will be done by a graphic designer. On the other hand, details on the story and the setting. What does the landscape look like, how is the weather, what kind of people are there, how are the people, boats, etc. Everything certainly only roughly described but a good base to create something visual out of it. A mood-board was also included with exemplary pictures what I like (people, clothing, colors, moods, etc.)

We started out with people, which are not really part of the game itself but important for the box, marketing and the identification with the story. Back then there was still lots of time ahead and the time schedule said 2-3 month for the whole game, so that this seemed to be the best way to go. Well, one is always wiser afterwards. 😊 For the next game I will certainly start with the box and the board. That is more important.

After a week I have received the first concept sketch from him in which he transferred my rough descriptions to a visual form for the clothing. He included different styles as base for discussion in which way we want to head. After discussing it with some friends I discussed it with Unique. And that’s how it all started. The attached picture is the first illustration I ever received from Unique.

Next time I will present the development of the first character.

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