Tumroq (Warrior)

Today I would like to present to you another character of The FOG which Unique beautifully created. Tumroq the warrior.You will find the final charcter as well as pictures of the character development below. Enjoy!This is the story of Tumroq. Tumroq is lying on one of the makeshift plank beds…

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Dayark Timelapse

As for Roxira I would like to make the timelapse of Dayarks creation available to you - which shows you the effort and passion that went into this character.Enjoy!https://youtu.be/tdYLLjlifcw

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Dayark (Sailor)

Today I would like to present to you another great character of The FOG that Unique created beautifully. Dayark the sailor.You will find the final charcter as well as pictures of the character development below. Enjoy!But first. Here is the short story about Dayark! Dayark just thought about how strange…

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100 on Kickstarter

Unbelievable. The small joys and achiements of a first time designer on its way to the first Kickstarter.It might not look like much, but it is really a lot of hard work. But it is also a lot of fun ... :)The first 100 followers on Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xollox/the-fog

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Roxira Timelapse

There are beautiful illustrations created by artists everywhere - in our daily lifes as well as in our board games. As beautiful as they are once finished, usually they are started from scratch and it is a tough and rough road to create and bring to life such an illustrations…

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Roxira (Commoner)

Today I would like to introduce Roxira to you. There willl be one illustration for each of the 5 different Islander types in the game and Roxira represents the Commoner.Unique did a beautiful piece there with the flying hair, the great colors and the turning eyes in fear. You will…

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After Unique and I generally agreed that we will work together I have sent him first of all a document to explain to him the most important information about the game and the FOG-universe. First the explanation of the game and the game pieces (including measurement etc.) and what he…

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I was very happy that Unique Litani Soparie, the illustrator of Shiver Me Timbers had the time and the interest to illustrate The FOG. Therefore, I would like to introduce him to you today.Unique is an Indonesian-based artist specialized in 2D art and illustration. His graduation from an art institute…

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Odyssey (for an illustrator)

Unbelievable. What an odyssey. 1.5 years ago, in August I talked the first time with illustrators and thought everything is pretty much ready and in a few weeks/months I will have the illustration. How wrong. But it also was the topic I had the most respect for from the beginning…

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How to create a prototype (player discs and tokens)

The one other think I needed urgently were the player disks (meeples) and the villager-tokens that represent the fleeing people of the island. For the player disks I first actually thought about hexagonal ones because that would be fitting to the boards hexagonal playing fields. But then I realized the…

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