I was very happy that Unique Litani Soparie, the illustrator of Shiver Me Timbers had the time and the interest to illustrate The FOG. Therefore, I would like to introduce him to you today.

Unique is an Indonesian-based artist specialized in 2D art and illustration. His graduation from an art institute in 2007, majoring ceramic art and craft, was also the beginning of his creative career. Working for a French-based mobile game design company made him realized his true passion. Therefore in 2013 he started his professional journey as a freelance illustrator. His interest towards fantasy genre has a lot of impact to his art style & theme. He was involved in several projects such as Nations, Deadlands, Lankhmar and TORG. His latest project was Shiver Me Timbers where I met him.

Should you be interested to get more information on Unique and his work you will find it here.


Certainly, I have thought quite some time about it, if I really wanted to do such a project across continents and time zones for my first Kickstarter, especially with me not having any knowledge of illustration/graphic design. Risc all over. Eventually a talk with Michal, the designer of Shiver Me Timbers, convinced me that this was the right way to go and I decided to do it.

In my next post I will show you the first concept picture I received.

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