Tumroq (Warrior)

Today I would like to present to you another character of The FOG which Unique beautifully created. Tumroq the warrior.

You will find the final charcter as well as pictures of the character development below. Enjoy!

This is the story of Tumroq.

Tumroq is lying on one of the makeshift plank beds in the stables. This morning he finally arrived with the other warriors here in Zuarell – after 2 difficult weeks in which they tried to get all those desperate people safe and quickly from their beautiful hilly home Hexlvur to Zuarell. For that they not only had to maintain order along the long pathway, but they also needed to guarantee the safety because there were some that tried to use the current situation for their advantage. But most of all they had to hunt a lot to organize food for all those people on the way. And all that time The FOG was not far behind them. But they were finally here and he just received an instruction. And now he could finally get some rest …

Suddenly he startled by the blowing of the horn and the panic screams. He jumps up from the plank bed, grabs his weapon and runs outside. And there he sees him … the omnipresent FOG. But he seems to be much closer then expected and also much faster than over the last weeks – and even more threatening. He gets terror-stricken. He thinks for a moment if there is a chance to reach the others of his group while he hastily fastens his weapon. But he realizes quickly that he only has a chance at all if he starts running at once because he needs to pass Zuarell completely and also pass the beach before he reaches the boats. And he does not even now the exact way and where the boat of his nation is. He starts running as fast as he can …

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