Odyssey (for an illustrator)

Unbelievable. What an odyssey. 1.5 years ago, in August I talked the first time with illustrators and thought everything is pretty much ready and in a few weeks/months I will have the illustration. How wrong. But it also was the topic I had the most respect for from the beginning on – simply because I did not have any experiences with it. Rightly. 😊

I did already tell you about the less successful and frustrating story about the illustrator January to May 2020.

Finally, I did find a great illustrator. I backed the pirate game “Shiver Me Timbers” on Kickstarter in January 2020 and help checking cards and rulebooks before sending files of to print. I did like the illustration of the game and contacted the illustrator.

In August we agreed on working together, but due to timing issues for him we started in October. Since then it did progress slower than I expected, but continuously. And I have learned a lot along the way – also things I will certainly do differently/better next time.

But I can tell you it is just an incredible feeling if something beautiful and visual is created out of nothing for your own game. And that I will reveal to you now piece by piece.

In the next post I will introduce you to the illustrator.

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